Water Wise Treme is a collaboration between Water Wise NOLA and the Greater Treme Consortium.

The big-picture goal of the project is to install more green infrastructure in Tremé. But FIRST, we need to identify what types of green infrastructure will truly BENEFIT the community and how these green infrastructure systems will be maintained to continue to BENEFIT the community.

To accomplish this, Water Wise TREME will work to do the following:

  • Form the Treme Neighborhood Water Wise Champions
  • Creation of green infrastructure plan and list of priority projects developed by the Treme Neighborhood Water Wise Champions

Forming the Treme Neighborhood Water Wise Champions

Water Wise TREMÉ will hold several events to raise awareness about green infrastructure while at the same time recruiting interested participants to be a part of the Tremé Neighborhood Water Wise Champions.

Creating a Tremé Green Infrastructure Plan

Once interested participants join the team, we will work with the Treme Neighborhood Water Wise Champions to create the Treme Green Infrastructure Plan/Priority List. There will be three mandatory workshops that the committee will attend:

  1. Water Wise Neighborhood Workshop “Intro to Green Infrastructure”
  2. Green Infrastructure Tour (citywide)
  3. Green Infrastructure “Visioning Workshop” led by Dana Brown & Associates

About the Greater Treme Consortium: The Greater Tremé Consortium, Inc. (GTC) is a private, non-profit community-based organization established in 1993 to increase affordable housing for low to moderate income families, support small business development, and create opportunities to highlight the indigenous culture of the Historic Tremé Neighborhood.


Cheryl Austin is the executive director of the Greater Treme Consortium. She is from the Treme and has worked in the Treme community for over 20 years. As director of the GTC, Cheryl has developed and implemented affordable housing programs/projects, created a community maintenance program with emphasis on beautification, developed cultural events and activities, and extensive organizing around issues important to Treme residents, businesses and nonprofits.

Why Treme?

Water Wise NOLA received a lot of feedback about issues with flooding and neighborhood beautification in Treme. We collaborated with the Greater Treme Consortium to begin to tackle those issues and we want to do more, but WE NEED YOU!

Treme Flooding, Labor Day Weekend 2016


Water Wise NOLA, Greater Treme Consortium, Groundwork New Orleans, Parkway Partners, Committee for a Better New Orleans and Amy Stelly worked in the community in 2015/2016 to install 4 rain gardens, plant 30 trees, remove 200 square feet of concrete, pilot a concrete planter box and clean the storm drains.

Get Involved

  • Send pictures of flooding to with the address of the photo
  • Attend upcoming events to learn more information
  • Become a Treme Neighborhood Water Wise Champion!

What’s in it for you?

Feel Good Benefits:
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Contribute to neighborhood improvements
  • Become an informed citizen and resource to your neighbors
  • Be a neighborhood changemaker
  • Be ahead of the curve re: changes to “living with water”
  • Become a part of a city-wide initiative and a member of a committee in your neighborhood
Tangible Benefits:
  • Improved understanding of the urban water cycle, water quality, urban soils, native plants, residential and neighborhood scale green infrastructure planning, civic engagement, city government, and small grant applications
  • Water Wise Champions “Resource Binder”
  • Water Wise Treme T-shirt or apron
  • “Water Wise Neighborhood Champion” Certificate
  • $1,000 green infrastructure seed money to be shared by Treme champions

What does it mean to be a Water Wise Champion?

  • Completed all required activities:
    • Water Wise Neighborhood Workshop
    • Green Infrastructure Tour
    • Green Infrastructure “Visioning Workshop”
  • Receive special invitations to Green Infrastructure happenings and events
  • Work collaboratively in your neighborhood to advance Green Infrastructure
  • Become a Citizen Expert on Green Infrastructure in New Orleans
  • Receive continued support from Water Wise Nola
    • Potential future funding opportunites
    • Technical assistance