WATER WISE GULF SOUTH is a group of community advocates and water professionals who share a commitment to strengthening public awareness and use of green infrastructure in the Gulf South.

Water Wise Gulf South was founded by Dana Brown, Hilairie Schackai, and Jeff Supak and formally established as a 501(c)(3) entity in 2018; however, our work dates back to 2013 as an informal organization made of multiple collaborating partners. 

Collaboration – Education – Implementation – Advocacy

Water Wise Gulf South collaborates with Community Based Organizations to advance green infrastructure. Together, we raise awareness and provide education on green infrastructure. We grow a network of community advocates, known as the Water Wise Neighborhood Champions. We install green infrastructure projects at the homes of Water Wise Neighborhood Champions, at small businesses, churches, community centers, on vacant lots and in public rights-of-way. With the Water Wise Neighborhood Champions and Community Based Organizations, we advocate for the implementation of large scale green infrastructure installations to improve our communities.  


Many communities in the Gulf South are plagued by chronic flooding and climate change is exacerbating this issue. Green infrastructure is a tool to improve stormwater management and reduce the risk of localized flooding. In addition, green infrastructure:

  • Reduces Soil Subsidence
  • Protects the Water Quality of Local Waterways
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Cools the Urban Environment
  • Beautifies Our Neighborhoods
  • Strengthens Community Livability

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